Today i will discus about `How to generate PDF in Codeigniter using mPDF`

Step 1. Download mPDF-Codeigniter from

Step 2. After Downloading extract it. Here is the codeigniter framework with mPDF integrated. You can copy mPDF to your existing project.

  • Copy Pdf.php library from library to your existing project library directory.
  • Copy mpdf directory from third_party directory to your existing project third_party directory.

Step 3. Now open or create a controller class and then create function in it. And then do something as bellow code –

public function mypdf() {




$pdf = $this->pdf->load();






// write the HTML into the PDF


$output = 'itemreport' . date('Y_m_d_H_i_s') . '_.pdf';


$pdf->Output("$output", 'I');



Above first i load the pdf library. Then create a instance of pdf library class. After then get the view page into a variable called html. And finally create the pdf for the view page.

Ok it is done. you can try and enjoy it.

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