This piece of code is to retrieve data from database. Integrated security set to false for sql server authentication. After passing the dataset to view and display as table I wrote my view like this.

To import excel to sql server database I did as following: 1. Add Reference Add Microsoft Excel 15.0 Object Library to the reference. Too refer it in controller I added it as following: 2. Create model I have created a student model. Highlighted part is to auto generate id. 3. Upload

  Create a stored procedure in database After expanding the database follow this: Programmability>Stored Procedures>Right click on it and select New Stored Procedure Here write codes to create a procedure. I created a simple procedure like following: My procedure's name is GetProducts which will take a parameter named pricerange of


    Intel or AMD Computers by any of the desktop virtualization software  VirtualBox? Then this post will be helpful to increase screen resolution size of  Virtual Machine to get full screen. Adjusting screen size including wide screen on VMware is easy since VMware tools ( Not official, with VGA driver)

Create a new laravel 5.3 preject Select htdocs then(Ctrl+Shift) Same time press then click right button on the mouse then show message box, then select (Open command window here) click then past ( composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog ), then created a project that project name is blog in the