In this article I will discus about Google+ Brand account.

Google + Brand account is a special type of account use for business or brand purpose. You can use this type of account for Google +, Google my business or YouTube brand channel.

In general by default your google account is a google plus account. Only you can manage this account, but the brand account is a different type of account.

You and other google user can jointly manage a Brand Google + page. You don’t need separate user name or password.

A Brand Page can have multiple managers or people who can manage the page.

You can use this brand account for certain type of google services –

  • Google+ Brand Account
  • Google My Business
  • YouTube Brand Channel
  • Google Photo

Now i will discus how to create Google+ Brand Page

Step – 1 : First of all you have to go




Step – 2 : Now click on Screenshot_2 Button.


Step – 3 : Now here write the brand account name and then click on create button.



Step – 4 : The brand account is created and now you have to enable the brand account to make it live. So click on enable button.


Step – 5 : Now the brand account is enabled and live. Now we will manage the brand account.


Step – 6 : Click on account profile image and click on manage account button to manage it.



Step – 7 : Click on manage permission button to manage managers permission or add managers.


Step – 8 : Now click on user add symbol to add brand account managers.


Step – 9 : Wright the expected google account/gmail address to invite the user/users to manage the brand account. And also select role and click on invite button.


Step – 10 : The invitation will sent to the given google user mail address. The user can accept or reject the invitation.


For more details see the YouTube tutorial.

You can visit YouTube Chanel for more video tutorial

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