Well, we all have faced some trouble and difficulties with installing node and js related libraries in Windows, right? Well, don’t worry then, below I will show the list of steps to install react in windows.

Step 1# Run Node.js command prompt

Step 2# Create a directory anywhere you prefer and the path in the command prompt

Step 3#  Write this following command in nodejs command prompt 

  • “npm install -g create-react-app”
  • “create-react-app my-first-app” (here my-first-app is the name of the project you prefer)
  • cd my-first-app
  • npm start

Step 4# Default port for reactjs is port 3000

Check the following screenshots below for more information. Happy coding!!

React Installation Steps 1
React Installation Steps 2

React Installation Steps 3
React Installation Steps 4

React Installation Steps 5

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